iPad Air Screen Repair

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The iPad Air was released in November of last year, and already people have begun to ask us questions about how to repair the iPad Air screen. So we found an iPad Air with a broken screen, then we took the time repair it! You can see the video of that iPad Air repair here.

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Thoughts on the iPad Air Screen Repair

After completing our first screen repair on the iPad Air last December, we definitely think the repair is doable for the savvy tinkerer. The iPad Air was given a repairability score of 2 / 10 by iFixit – For comparison, the iPad 2, iPad 3, & iPad 4 were all given the same low repairability score of 2 / 10 – but we think the repair can be completed successfully if you know what to watch out for!

In some ways the iPad Air is actually an easier repair than the iPad 2 & the Retina iPad 3 or 4. For example:

  • The WIFI & cellular antennas on the iPad Air have less adhesive on them, when compared to the iPad 2. Making it easier to remove the screen without damaging an antenna.
  • The PMV (Power/Mute/Volume) cable is safely tucked away, instead of being dangerously exposed like on the iPad 2.
  • Apple decided to use regular logic board connectors for the LCD & digitizer cables. This instead of the damage prone ZIF connectors featured on all previous iPad models.

In other ways the iPad Air is a more difficult repair than previous iPad generations. Examples:

  • The home button ribbon cable is adhered to the backside of the digitizer, similar to the 4th generation iPad. Though on the opposite side of the home button. Not a difficult removal process, but a step that wasn’t needed for the other iPad models.
  • The iPad Air LCD needs to be removed/unplugged before you can get access to the digitizer & home button ribbon cables. Again, this isn’t a difficult process, but this step wasn’t necessary for all other iPad models – except for the iPad mini.

Overall we have come to find the iPad Air Screen Repair to be much less danger prone than screen repairs for the iPad 2 & the iPad mini. Though only a little bit easier than screen repairs for the Retina iPad 3 & 4. So the exciting news is that while the iPad Air is still a difficult repair, we have found it to be less damage prone than any other previous iPad model. On a side note, basically the iPad Air is just a bigger version of the Retina iPad mini, in more ways than just outer appearance.

Expert iPad Air Repair Companies

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