iPad 2 Screen Repair Guide

iPad 2 Broken Screen Before Repair

Looking to repair the iPad 2 yourself? Or if you are just interested in learning more about the repair process then read on! If not, check out our iPad repair services.

The iPad 2 Screen Repair

The iPad 2 screen repair process isn’t easy in any sense. The repair can take anywhere from 1-3 hours, with the beginner trending nearer the 3 hour mark. The iPad 2 is a finely engineered device and has an incredible amount of “stuff” crammed into the space between the glass and the aluminum back. All this “stuff”—ribbon cables, batteries, logic board connectors, antennas—can be easily damaged if you don’t educate yourself on the repair up front and take the proper care and a slow pace when you actually sit down to do the repair. *If all this is scary to you, you might want to take a look at our ship-in iPad screen repair service for your iPad 2.

iPad 2 Screen Repair in Process

What tools do I need for iPad 2 screen replacement?

The first and most important tool you will need is a “Metal Spudger” or “iPad Metal Opening Tool.” These tools are made specifically for prying open your iPad to release the old glass touchscreen. This tool comes with our iPad 2 Glass Replacement Kit. The second tool needed is a Plastic Opening Tool that is used for handling the metal retaining clips and can also be used to hold the glass touchscreen up during repairs. The last tool needed for the iPad 2 screen repair is a Phillips #00 Screwdriver. This can be found at many hardware stores or purchased as part of our iPad 2 Glass Replacement Kit.

iPad 2 Screen Repair – Step by Step Instructions

iPad 2 Screen Removal

1. Use Eye and Hand Protection

The first thing you will need as you begin your repair is a good pair of safety glasses. Sometimes pieces of glass will shatter and fly towards your face. It is imperative that you keep your eyes and hands safe during any type of glass repair for an iPad. Also make sure to wear cut-resistant safety gloves to protect your hands from the small glass shards that may come loose during the glass removal process.

2. Loosen Adhesive Behind Glass

To begin your iPad 2 screen repair, we recommend that you warm up the glass using a hairdryer or heat gun. Once the area you are working on is hot to the touch you can then insert the iPad Metal Opening Tool between the glass and the plastic frame that surrounds it. Gently pry up under the glass near the edge of the iPad. As you carefully slide the tool around the outside bezel of the iPad 2, discard any loose pieces of glass that may break off. These small pieces of glass that break off can be very dangerous!! Be careful and use gloves.

There are two parts of the glass removal that can destroy fragile and vital electronic parts of your iPad. Be especially careful in the following two zones as you separate the glass from the frame! Please read and BE AWARE!

2-A On the top right corner of the iPad 2, below the power button and extending down next to the volume buttons is a ribbon cable that sits between the iPad frame and the glass resting on top of it. You’ll want to slow down the repair here. Don’t just stick in a razor blade and start sawing away at the adhesive! You will cut the ribbon cord that connects to the power, volume, and mute buttons. We recommend waiting to do this part of the repair until you are almost ready to take the glass off of the frame—your second-to-last step in removing the glass. Loosen the glass on either side of this danger area; as long as the glass is properly heated, the ribbon cables shouldn’t stick to the glass. Go slow and make sure the ribbon cables are not sticking to the back side of the glass as you lift it.

2-B At the bottom of the iPad 2 and to the right of the home button, you’ll find a very fragile wifi antenna that is secured to the back side of the glass using adhesive. Don’t pry up the glass in this area!! After you have the rest of the glass separated from the frame, you can then ever-so-slightly lift up the edge of the glass to the right of the home button. You’ll be able to see the antenna sticking to the back side of the glass. Take an X-Acto knife or the Metal Opening Tool and carefully separate the antenna from the glass. Once you are sure that the antenna is no longer attached to the back of the glass, you can lift up on the glass panel and separate it completely from the frame.

New iPad 2 Digitizer in Black for iPad 2 Screen RepairPrep the Replacement iPad 2 Screen

3. Transfer Home Button Assembly

Attached to the back side of the glass, directly behind the home button, is the home button assembly. Use your razor blade to get under both sides of the metal bridge that extends across the back side of the home button. Once you’ve successfully removed the bridge, you will then be able to easily remove the home button from the old screen to install on the new iPad 2 screen.
Note: Look at exactly how the home button assembly fits together on the old screen, then install it on the new screen in the same way.

4. Install Front Camera Frame

Directly behind the front facing camera of the iPad 2 is a small metal frame that surrounds the camera hole and is attached to the back side of the glass. You’ll be able to see exactly how it aligns to the old screen. Install it on the new iPad 2 screen replacement. It should already have plenty of adhesive.

iPad 2 Adhesive Placement

5. Install iPad 2 Adhesive Strips

Finally, after steps 3 and 4 are completed, you can start installing the prefabricated adhesive strips along the outer edges of the replacement iPad 2 glass. Read our iPad 2 Adhesive Placement guide for more details.
Once these steps have been completed, your prepped iPad 2 screen should look like the picture on the right.

Install the Replacement iPad 2 Glass

6. Remove any Glass Shards

Remove any and all glass pieces that may still be stuck along the outer frame of the iPad. Even some of the smallest pieces of glass will scratch the back side of the new glass when installed, so be sure to remove ALL pieces of shattered glass.

Unscrewing the 4 screws around the LCD

7. Detach Old Ribbon Cable

Unscrew the four (4) screws that secure the LCD to the frame of the iPad 2. There is one screw on each of the four corners of the LCD. Once you’ve removed the screws, you can then lift up on the LCD panel. Treat the left side of the LCD as a hinge and open up the LCD panel like you are turning a page in a book from right to left. Hold the LCD in the upright position, perpendicular to the iPad. Using the flat edge of one of the plastic pry tools included in our iPad 2 Glass Replacement Kit, gently flip open the 2 plastic clips that hold the digitizer ribbon cable to the motherboard (Look in the bottom left corner of the iPad). After both the clips have been switched to the upright position, you can then carefully slide out the old ribbon cable that attaches to your old iPad 2 screen.

8. Attach New Glass (Via Ribbon Cable)

While still holding the LCD in the upright position, you can slide the new ribbon cable into place for the replacement glass for your iPad 2. Once the new ribbon cable is in place, you can move the two (2) plastic clips back into the locked position. Next, gently place the LCD back in the frame of the iPad and screw in the top two screws that hold the LCD in place. Leave the bottom two screws out until the last step.

9. Dry-Fit Replacement iPad 2 Glass

Now that the LCD is in place, you will begin fitting the new glass to the iPad 2. We recommend that you use the same hinge method that you used on the LCD. Place the new iPad 2 glass up on the left edge of the device with its digitizer ribbon cable facing the “guts” of the device. When you lift up the glass to place it on the edge of the iPad, you’ll want to also lift up the bottom half of the LCD so that the extra ribbon cable fits underneath the LCD. While you have the glass in the upright position and with the ribbon cable sitting underneath the LCD, you can now screw in the remaining two screws into the bottom corners of the LCD. Now you can do the dry fit of the new iPad 2 glass replacement. Be sure to keep using the left side of the iPad 2 as a hinge to rotate the new glass on. Rotate the glass so that it fits snugly down inside the plastic bezel of the iPad 2. If everything is working properly, you are ready to do the final fitting.

10. Final Fitting of New iPad Glass

Assuming everything worked properly when you did the dry-fit, lift the replacement glass back up from the frame using the hinge method and peel back the layer of plastic that remains on the top of the adhesive strips. Make sure there isn’t any dust between the glass and the LCD and then carefully place the new glass against the iPad 2. You must continue using the hinge technique to make sure the extra ribbon cable fits down in the space between the frame and the edge of the LCD.

Repairing an iPad 2 screen is an intricate and detailed process. It’s certainly not something we recommend for everyone. If reading these instructions made you rethink attempting the repair yourself, let the professionals at iHeart Repair ensure that a minor misstep doesn’t turn into a total loss. Our ship-in repair for your iPad 2 is far more affordable than replacing your device.


This iPad 2 Screen Repair Guide is intended for those who have prior repair experience or are otherwise qualified. iPad Screen Repair makes no guarantees that our instructions will work for you and we will not be held responsible for any damage to yourself or your iPad as a result of following these instructions. Following these instructions will void your warranty.